About Us

SponsorshipsPrograms is a digital organization focusing on legal technology and legal awareness in Nigeria.

SponsorshipsPrograms is determined to improve access to justice in Nigeria, through legal technology and free legal awareness using social media and offline tools. We are Nigeria’s first solely Public Legal Education Initiative.

With our passionate team, we provide free legal awareness on rights and laws, to persons in Nigeria including women, children. We have special interest on disadvantaged and vulnerable persons/groups (Students/Youth, Women/Children, Widows, Divorcees, Single Mothers, Dis-inherited Women, Persons Living With Disability, HIV and Persons Living in Rural Areas).

On free Legal Awareness we are consistently publishing and publicising free legal materials, with dedicated 24/7 free online legal support. We have vast coverage employing flexible online and offline tools to virtually connect cities and rural areas.

Our amazing team is a network of passionate lawyers, law lecturers, ICT experts, M&E specialists, social workers, students, law enthusiasts and volunteers.

Our Vision

A Nigeria with high access to justice, where all persons have understanding of rights and laws.

Our Mission

To inform, guide and empower all persons in Nigeria on their Rights, Duties, Remedies and enforcement procedures.

Our Approach

To Research, Create and Publicise.